The Election is Over: Where do we stand?

We need environmental champions in Albany now more than ever

Tuesday marked the end of the most unpredictable campaign cycle in recent memory. It broke with much of the conventional wisdom on electoral politics, baffling both pollsters and pundits. While many of us are focused on the new balance of power in Washington, we must focus on a different reality: more than ever before, it will be up to the states to lead on fighting climate change and protecting the environment. We are ready for that challenge and glad that the results of local elections in New York provide more than a glimmer of hope for continued progress.

In what was considered to be a change election nationwide, incumbents in New York held on to win their races across the board. A major theme of NYLCV’s campaigns was to protect incumbent clean water champions who went to the mat to pass the Safe School Water Act, protecting children from the dangers of lead poisoning at school. The return of, potentially, all our allies is good news.

Two of our endorsees for State Senate, Carl Marcellino and Michael Venditto are in races that are too close to call but they are both favored to win.  Elaine Phillips won a hotly contested open seat race in Senate District 7 and Tony D’Urso won an open seat in Assembly District 16. We are sad to see that Terry Gipson, Sara Niccoli and Diane Dwire came up short in their races, as they would have been strong allies for our cause.

In the end, we bumped up our endorsements to 117, we had another active year for our Political Action Committee, and we ended up with our best success rate ever at over 92%. NYLCV’s ultimate goal is to elect an environmental majority in both houses of the state legislature. On that endeavor, we still have more work to do. When we have the resources to make a big push in Albany, we get things done. We cannot count on much help on the environment from the federal government.  We need our environmental leaders at home to step up more than ever next year and we can only do that with your help. You can support our statewide advocacy work by taking our action alerts, taking the conversation to social media, working with our staff to craft op-eds and letters to the editor, and attending our events.

Here are the full results from our 2016 endorsements:

ChapterFirst NameLast NameOffice / PositionDistrictElection Result
Capital RegionPaulTonkoCongress20Win
Capital RegionJohnMcDonaldNYS Assembly108Win
Capital RegionPatricia FahyNYS Assembly109Win
Capital RegionAngeloSantabarbaraNYS Assembly111Win
Capital RegionCarrieWoernerNYS Assembly113Win
Capital RegionDanielStecNYS Assembly114Win
Capital RegionNeilBreslinNYS Senate44Win
Capital RegionSara NiccoliNYS Senate46Loss
Central New YorkJohnPlumbCongress23Loss
Central New YorkColleenDeaconCongress24Loss
Central New YorkKimMyersCongress22Loss
Central New YorkAnthonyBrindisiNYS Assembly119Win
Central New YorkWilliam MageeNYS Assembly121Win
Central New YorkDonnaLupardoNYS Assembly123Win
Central New YorkDianeDwireNYS Assembly126Loss
Central New YorkAl StirpeNYS Assembly127Win
Central New YorkPamela HunterNYS Assembly128Win
Central New YorkWilliamMagnarelliNYS Assembly129Win
Central New YorkDavid ValeskyNYS Senate53Win
Hudson ValleyKennethZebrowskiNYS Assembly96Win
Hudson ValleyEllenJaffeeNYS Assembly97Win
Hudson ValleyJamesSkoufisNYS Assembly99Win
Hudson ValleyKevinCahillNYS Assembly103Win
Hudson ValleyFrankSkartadosNYS Assembly104Win
Hudson ValleyDidiBarrettNYS Assembly106Win
Hudson ValleyDavid CarlucciNYS Senate38Win
Hudson ValleyTerryGipsonNYS Senate41Loss
Long IslandDuWayneGregoryCongress2Loss
Long IslandKathleenRiceCongress4Win
Long IslandTom SuozziCongress3Win
Long IslandFredThiele NYS Assembly1Win
Long IslandSteveEnglebrightNYS Assembly4Win
Long IslandPhilRamosNYS Assembly6Win
Long IslandJosephSaladinoNYS Assembly9Win
Long IslandChadLupinacciNYS Assembly10Win
Long IslandAndrew RaiaNYS Assembly12Win
Long IslandCharles LavineNYS Assembly13Win
Long IslandDaveMcDonoughNYS Assembly14Win
Long IslandTonyD'UrsoNYS Assembly16Too Close
Long IslandThomasMcKevittNYS Assembly17Win
Long IslandMichaelleSolagesNYS Assembly22Win
Long IslandKennethLaValleNYS Senate1Win
Long IslandCarlMarcellinoNYS Senate5Too Close
Long IslandKempHannonNYS Senate6Win
Long IslandToddKaminskyNYS Senate9Win
Long IslandThomasCrociNYS Senate3Win
Long IslandElaine PhillipsNYS Senate7Win
Long IslandMichaelVendittoNYS Senate8Too Close
New York CityCarolynMaloneyCongress12Win
New York CityAdrianoEspaillatCongress13Win
New York CityGraceMengCongress6Win
New York CityNydiaVelázquezCongress7Win
New York CityHakeemJeffriesCongress8Win
New York CityJerroldNadlerCongress10Win
New York CityDavid WeprinNYS Assembly24Win
New York CityNilyRozicNYS Assembly25Win
New York CityAndrew HevesiNYS Assembly28Win
New York CityAliciaHyndmanNYS Assembly29Win
New York CityAravellaSimotasNYS Assembly36Win
New York CityRonKimNYS Assembly40Win
New York CityRodneyseBichotteNYS Assembly42Win
New York CityDianaRichardsonNYS Assembly43Win
New York CityStevenCymbrowitzNYS Assembly45Win
New York CityPamelaHarrisNYS Assembly46Win
New York CityWilliam ColtonNYS Assembly47Win
New York CityFelixOrtizNYS Assembly51Win
New York CityJo AnneSimonNYS Assembly52Win
New York CityLatrice WalkerNYS Assembly55Win
New York CityWalterMosleyNYS Assembly57Win
New York CityMatthewTitoneNYS Assembly61Win
New York CityLindaRosenthalNYS Assembly67Win
New York CityRobertRodriguezNYS Assembly68Win
New York CityDanQuartNYS Assembly73Win
New York CityRichardGottfriedNYS Assembly75Win
New York CityRebeccaSeawrightNYS Assembly76Win
New York CityMichaelBlakeNYS Assembly79Win
New York CityJeffreyDinowitzNYS Assembly81Win
New York CityVictorPichardoNYS Assembly86Win
New York CityTonyAvellaNYS Senate11Win
New York CityJosePeraltaNYS Senate13Win
New York CityLeroyComrieNYS Senate14Win
New York CityJosephAddabboNYS Senate15Win
New York CityTobyStaviskyNYS Senate16Win
New York CityMartin DilanNYS Senate18Win
New York CityRoxannePersaudNYS Senate19Win
New York CityJesseHamiltonNYS Senate20Win
New York CityKevinParkerNYS Senate21Win
New York CityMartinGoldenNYS Senate22Win
New York CityDianeSavinoNYS Senate23Win
New York CityBradHoylmanNYS Senate27Win
New York CityLizKruegerNYS Senate28Win
New York CityJoseSerranoNYS Senate29Win
New York CityBill PerkinsNYS Senate30Win
New York CityGustavoRiveraNYS Senate33Win
New York CityJeffKleinNYS Senate34Win
New York CityJamaalBaileyNYS Senate36Win
WestchesterSean Patrick MaloneyCongress18Win
WestchesterAmyPaulinNYS Assembly88Win
WestchesterShelleyMayerNYS Assembly90Win
WestchesterSteveOtisNYS Assembly91Win
WestchesterThomasAbinantiNYS Assembly92Win
WestchesterDavidBuchwaldNYS Assembly93Win
WestchesterSandraGalefNYS Assembly95Win
WestchesterAndrea Stewart-CousinsNYS Senate35Win
WestchesterGeorgeLatimerNYS Senate37Win
WestchesterTerrenceMurphyNYS Senate40Win
Western New YorkLouiseSlaughter Congress25Win
Western New YorkBrianHigginsCongress26Win
Western New YorkCrystalPeoples-StokesNYS Assembly141Win
Western New YorkSeanRyanNYS Assembly149Win
Western New YorkStevenMeyerNYS Assembly146Too Close
Western New YorkRich FunkeNYS Senate55Win
Western New YorkJosephRobachNYS Senate56Win
Western New YorkTimothyKennedyNYS Senate63Win
Western New YorkThomasO'MaraNYS Senate58Win