City Council Announces New Committee Chairs

Environmental Protection, Parks, Transportation, and More!

City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams recently announced her appointees for committee chairs. Important chairs to keep an eye on for sustainability and building a greener city include environmental protection, transportation, parks, sanitation, and resiliency. Housing, health, and finance are also important chairs that can help facilitate environmental legislation.


Environmental Protection

Council member Jim Gennaro, 24th district, who previously served as chair of Environmental Protection was re-appointed. Gennaro has a record of supporting important environmental legislation, and he was a major sponsor of Intro 455-A, a bill passed last fall that mandated an all electric school bus fleet in New York City by 2035.



Council member Selvena Brooks-Powers, 31st district, is a part of the new class of Council members inaugurated this year. She is an NYLCV-endorsed candidate, with a commitment to building an accessible, affordable, and safer transit system.



Council member Shekar Krishnan, district 25, is new to the City Council this year and endorsed by NYLCV. He has been a champion for green spaces throughout the city, as he understands the need for accessibility, as well as the benefits of parks and green spaces throughout the city.



Council member Sandy Nurse, district 37, is new to the City Council and an NYLCV endorsee. For the last 12 years she’s worked as a waste advocate, alongside front-line communities. She’s proven herself to be an environmental champion on this front.



Council member Ari Kagan is from district 45. As Resiliency Chair, he has committed to being an advocate for robust city, state, and federal resources. He also has noted the need for long-term planning to prepare New York City for future storms and flooding.



Endorsed by NYLCV, Council member Pierina Sanchez, representing district 14, has dedicated her career to fighting for housing dignity. She advocates for greening our housing, so that our buildings no longer emit harmful greenhouse gasses and pollution.



Council member Lynn Schulman, district 29, an NYLCV endorsee, has been a longtime healthcare advocate. She is looking forward to bringing affordable and equitable healthcare to all New Yorkers.



From district 43, Justin Brannan is an NYLCV endorsee and environmental champion.


These new New York City chairs bring new energy and commitments. They certainly have bold plans. We hope they will build upon a greener vision of the City and can deliver on our most pressing environmental needs.


By Abby Terrigino