We are taking a great deal of action on protecting, preserving, and restoring the state’s parkland, and best utilizing open space. In doing so we can address health issues found in the rise of obesity, and those caused by contaminated lands. Protecting these lands will result in higher biodiversity, increased resilience, and reduced impact on the environment.

When addressing contaminated land, we were successful in our fight to renew and reform the state’s programs that assist in cleanup of contaminated lands and abandoned buildings. Part of this included the extension the Superfund Program, expanding the Environmental Cleanup Program, and making changes to the Brownfields Cleanup Program. From here, we plan to encourage and working towards the funding to revitalize municipal parks at the local, regional, and state levels. Included in this will be our goals to hold government accountable for alienation of parkland, as well as provide for protective rights of land swaps and sales. In order to reduce contaminated land, we are eager to implement organic waste diversion to composting and biodigesters.

We also advocate for programs battling the onslaught of invasive species.