Robert Jackson
  • DISTRICT: 31
  • REGION: New York City
  • GOVERNMENT BODY: State Senate
  • YEAR: 2024
  • CONTACT: Campaign Website

Robert Jackson

Robert Jackson is running for State Senate, District 31

Robert Jackson is running for re-election to the State Senate in District 31. Jackson has exhibited his dedication to environmental priorities since his time on City Council, where he fought to eliminate PCBs from classrooms and helped schools transition to bio-based cleaning products. He also championed the fight against lead in school drinking water. Jackson is a strong proponent of offshore wind development, the transition to electric vehicles for public transport fleets, and the expansion of recycling and waste reduction programs. Jackson is an advocate for the redesigning of energy grids to support the transition away from fossil fuels. If re-elected, Jackson will continue to fight for green buildings, low-carbon energy sources, food and plastic waste reduction, and natural resource protection.

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