NYLCV does its part in the fight for a greener environment by lobbying elected officials, mobilizing advocates and making endorsements. NYLCV’s political action committees go further – by directly waging electoral campaigns that defend our allies, defeat our enemies, and elects a new generation of environmental leaders.

NYLCV Gives Green and NYLCV PAC are the only political action committees in New York State dedicated to the environment.

NYLCV Gives Green offers direct financial support that gives candidates the resources that they need to win their election so they can fight climate change, conserve land and water, and protect public health once they are in office. In order to ensure that elected officials do not take clean energy, open space, natural resources, and transportation issues for granted, the environmental community needs to ensure that whoever is elected to office is committed to strengthening environmental protections and fighting against legislative rollbacks. 

NYLCV PAC wages independent campaign expenditures on behalf of candidates who have demonstrated their commitment and ability to advance a pro-environment agenda. These include issue polling, direct mail, social media campaigns, radio and television advertising, and door-to-door canvassing. NYLCV PAC  has established itself as recognized players in the political arena because we target races where we can move the votes to sway the outcome of elections. Our committees help put promising green leaders into office by mobilizing environmentally minded voters across New York.

With NYLCV Gives Green and NYLCV PAC, New York has never been better positioned to advance major initiatives in the areas of climate change, infrastructure investment and clean energy.

By supporting our committees, you are ensuring that candidates are taking bold environmental action today for a cleaner and greener tomorrow. Please join our campaign and make a difference for the environment by supporting NYLCV Gives Green and NYLCV PAC today!