Paul Tonko
  • DISTRICT: 20
  • REGION: Capital Region
  • YEAR: 2024
  • CONTACT: Campaign Website

Paul Tonko

Paul Tonko is running for Congressional district 20

Congressman Paul Tonko is running for re-election in New York’s 20th congressional district. Tonko has been a strong advocate for the environment since he first ran for office. Since then, Tonko has fought for the implementation of sustainable energy and a variety of other pro-environmental pieces of legislation. He is the co-chair of the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition, which works to create clean energy technology, renewable energy resources, and new energy-related jobs. During his time in office, Tonko has fought to create a federal carbon dioxide removal plan and has supported the deployment of floating solar panels to protect waterways and reservoirs. Though much of Tonko’s committee work and introduced legislation focuses on clean energy production, he fights to address climate change and climate injustice through a variety of lenses. He has worked to address the mental health trauma caused by natural disasters, advocates for improved green infrastructure, and supports the creation of more climate-related jobs. If re-elected, Tonko will continue to prioritize sustainable energy and environmental justice.

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