Nader Sayegh
  • DISTRICT: 90
  • REGION: Westchester
  • GOVERNMENT BODY: State Assembly
  • YEAR: 2024
  • CONTACT: Campaign Website

Nader Sayegh

Nader Sayegh is running for State Assembly, District 90

Nader Sayegh is running for reelection to the New York State Assembly in District 90. Nader Sayegh is dedicated to supporting legislation that will make a positive impact on our environment. Sayegh worked to prevent the discharge of radiological substances into the Hudson River. He also supported the standardization of New York’s recycling program, and the decarbonization of New York’s buildings. Additionally, he is an advocate of clean transportation, including the electrification of public transport fleets and increasing accessibility to electric vehicle charging infrastructure. If re-elected, Sayegh will continue to advocate for renewable resources, sustainable waste management, and clean water.

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