Harry Bronson
  • DISTRICT: 138
  • GOVERNMENT BODY: State Assembly
  • YEAR: 2024
  • CONTACT: Campaign Website

Harry Bronson

Harry Bronson is running for State Assembly District 138

Harry Bronson is running for re-election to the New York State Assembly in District 138. Bronson has been a strong advocate for the environment throughout his time in office. He has proven to be a strong supporter of clean transportation, fighting for an increase in support for the Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority. He has been working to improve all levels of transportation infrastructure. As chair of the labor committee, Bronson has prioritized improving green building infrastructure and standards. He is committed to creating clean energy that is renewable, mitigates environmental harm and provides opportunities for economic growth for business and families. Bronson is also committed to waste-reduction programs. If re-elected, Bronson will continue to support the City of Rochester’s reforestation efforts, improving water quality and reducing lead pipes, and expanding clean energy infrastructure.

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