Recent Publications

Our 2018 agenda charges the legislature and executive with four distinct but interconnected directives: ensure adequate funding for the environment, address the causes and effects of climate change, protect the health of New Yorkers and their communities, and conserve natural resources. (Download PDF)

Our Scorecard examined voting and sponsorship records key environmental bills in each house of the legislature, covering clean energy, public health, transportation, and more. (Download PDF)

Many of the biggest threats to environmental policy and funding in New York are coming from Washington, posing a significant challenge to local officials. Our 2017 Federal agenda comprises issues that significantly impact New York where we believe our representatives can make a difference. (Download PDF)

Each year, NYLCV’s NYC Chapter Board works closely with leading environmental, energy, conservation, public health, environmental justice, and transportation organizations to identify and advocate for solutions to New York City’s most pressing environmental issues. (Download PDF)

Our annual New York City Scorecard evaluates each member on their environmental record. (Download PDF)

Top Priorities: sustainable development; invasive species; cleaner air; and expand electric vehicle infrastructure. (Download PDF)

Top Priorities: expand solar power; improve water quality; LIRR third track; expand electric vehicle infrastructure. (Download PDF)

Top Priorities: regional transit analysis, renewable energy, clean and safe drinking water. (Download PDF)