NYLCV Reacts to Announcement on Updated L-train Mitigation Plans

In reaction to the announcement that New York City will not have a Select Bus Service route on 14th Street implemented in time for the April start of construction on the L-Train, and that a busway is no longer being planned, NYLCV released the following statement:

Julie Tighe, President of the New York League of Conservation Voters, said, “The original plan to restrict car traffic and implement a Select Bus Service route on 14th Street should continue as originally proposed in time to accommodate the nights and weekend service changes on the L-train that begin in April. Providing dependable public transportation options for L-train riders during nights and weekends will decrease reliance on cars, improve air quality, and reduce emissions. Especially in conjunction with the Mayor’s State of the City announcement to increase bus speeds, it is essential the City follow through with solutions that will make our streets more livable and pedestrian-friendly.  We join the call to reinstate the City’s original plan for a busway on 14th Street.”