What is NYLCV PAC?

NYLCV PAC is a registered independent expenditure political committee (NYSBOE # 3003).

NYLCV PAC is committed to electing local and state candidates that have the willingness and capacity to advance a pragmatic environmental agenda.

NYLCV PAC is also committed to defeating candidates that stood in the way of passing or have attempted/succeeded in watering down or repealing common-sense environmental policies.

NYLCV PAC and its activities are not done in coordination, cooperation, consultation, or in concert with or at the request or suggestion of a candidate, candidate’s authorized committee, or political party.

Who can give to NYLCV PAC?

  • An individual
  • A limited liability company (LLC/PLLC)
  • Other PACs (political action committees)
  • An unincorporated union or trade organization
  • A corporation
  • Any other entity such as a league or association

What are the contribution limits?

New York State Election Law does not place limits on contributions to independent expenditure political committees.

How can I give to NYLCV PAC?

NYLCV PAC accepts online donations, checks, and wire transfers.

For more information, please contact politics@nylcv.org