Back to School: Time to Get on the Clean Bus

NYLCVEF today released its Clean Bus Guide, a toolkit of resources for community members and groups to launch their own campaign for electric school buses. We used our experience promoting electric school buses to develop resources that we believe will be helpful to create successful campaigns around the state.

Click here to view and download the Guide.

For the past three years, NYLCVEF has been promoting electric school buses in New York City, Albany, and Western NY. The Clean Buses for Healthy NiƱos campaign is a national initiative of Chispa, an organizing arm of the League of Conservation Voters that empowers community activism on climate justice issues. Chispa has provided funding for our campaign in New York.

Across the state, we are working with local groups and coalitions to build support for electric school buses. The campaign has elevated the public health and environmental impacts of diesel pollution and offered a transition to zero emissions electric school buses as a promising alternative. In 2018, we released a report that demonstrates the public health impact of pollution emitted by diesel buses, particularly its impact on children and children of color. The report makes the case for large-scale investment in electric school bus fleets.

To amplify our reach and continue the fight for clean air and equity in communities across our state, we developed the Clean Bus Guide. The Guide provides the following resources:

  • Key points on the environmental and health benefits of electric school buses
  • A myth vs. fact sheet outlining common myths about electric school buses
  • Facts and figures highlighting electric school bus technology
  • Available state and federal funding sources for electric school buses
  • A chart of relevant stakeholders to involve in your campaign, both as allies and campaign targets
  • Case studies documenting existing electric school bus pilot programs in White Plains and Bay Shore
  • Recommended metrics to track for an electric school bus pilot program
  • A social media guide for launching a campaign
  • General organizing and campaign planning tips
  • Sample petition and letters for organizing a successful campaign

NYLCVEF is planning a series of webinars to promote the guide and explain how to use it. We want community members and local groups to take full advantage of these resources. If you want us to hold a webinar in your community, please reach out directly to Angela Hotaling, Program Director at