Environmentally Friendly Transportation: Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) save New Yorkers money and reduce air pollution. They cost 50-70% less to operate per mile than gasoline-powered cars. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)’s Charge NY initiative is helping put more electric cars and trucks on the road in several ways, while also supporting researchers, policy makers, property developers, municipal planners, and zoning boards in their efforts to expand EV use.

By purchasing or leasing an electric car through a participating New York State car dealer, buyers can recoup up to $2,000 of the price of the vehicle through the Drive Clean Rebate. Buyers can also utilize the federal tax credit for electric cars, which extends up to $7,500. Car dealers can sign up to offer the Drive Clean Rebate, while truck or bus dealers can participate in the New York State Truck Voucher Incentive Program.

New York has destination charging stations located in places where cars often park, such as garages or workplaces, as well as on-the-go charging stations, which operate more like gas pumps. Drivers can find these stations by using the Department of Energy’s interactive, up-to-date Alternative Fuels Locator map. The Charge NY program offers incentives to install charging stations, and workplaces are specifically covered by the program through Charge to Work NY, which provides an $8,000 rebate per EV charging station installed, as well as a $500 rebate per charging station purchased or leased.

The New York State Department of Transportation is also encouraging EV use, as well. Their Clean Pass Program allows eligible plug-in EVs to use the Long Island Sound High-Occupancy Vehicle Expressway lanes, regardless of the number of people in the vehicle. The agency also operates a self-certification program, GreenLITES, that distinguishes transportation projects based on their level of sustainability. The program aims to help consumers choose sustainable transportation and promotes transparency among businesses.