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The Capital Region's New Environmental ‘To Do' List

NYLCV's Blueprint for a Greener Capital Region offers detailed transportation, energy and planning guidance that will help towns, cities and county governments meet their sustainability challenges. These recommendations will yield significant environmental benefits while controlling costs, and in many cases will ensure the resiliency of the region in light of the increased risk of natural disasters similar to Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy.
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NYLCV's Guide To Greening Long Island

From its aging wastewater systems to its overreliance on the automobile, Long Island has no shortage of sustainability challenges. But what can elected leaders at the town, city and county levels do to address these challenges while also strengthening the local economy? The answer: A lot. Encompassing dozens of specific policy recommendations, NYLCV's Blueprint for a Greener Long Island offers step-by-step guidance to help elected officials and policy makers transition to a more sustainable, innovation-based economy.
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Our Blueprint For A Greener Westchester County

Westchester County experienced substantial devastation as a result of Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee. To help local elected officials focus on the urgent need to create sustainable and resilient communities to protect the unique history, natural resources and beauty of the region, NYLCV is unveiling our "Blueprint for a Greener Westchester County." Our blueprint encompasses more than 40 specific actions that mayors, town supervisors and the county executive can take.

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Legislature Gets a 'B-' for Environmental Progress in 2014

NYLCV's 2014 Environmental Progress Report tracks the Legislature's progress on a wide range of legislation, from clean energy and parks, to climate resiliency and sustainable economic growth. NYLCV set the bar for sustainability progress in the 2014 legislative session with our New York State Policy Agenda in January. Along with the overall "B-" grade, the Environmental Progress Report assigned the following grades in each major category: "C+" on public health; "B" on sustainable economic development; "B" on climate change and resiliency and "B" on natural resource protection.

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