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New York State Fracking Ban Becomes Official

Submitted by Susan Torres on Thu, 2015-07-02 11:09.

On June 29th, the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced their decision to prohibit high-volume hydraulic fracturing (HVHF) in the state of New York. This decision concludes almost seven years of extensively evaluating HVHF for environmental and public health concerns. Over this review period, the DEC has utilized a vast amount of resources such as scientific literature, public health experts, field visits, environmental authorities and more to make an informed decision.
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NYLCV Statement on Organics Expansion

Digester Eggs at Newtown Creek.Digester Eggs at Newtown Creek.

The de Blasio administration today announced a proposal to require commercial large-scale commercial food establishments to separate organic waste. Food scraps and other organic material makes up one-third of all commercial waste, and diverting this material from landfills—to be used as a soil amendment through composting or as feedstock for clean, renewable energy through anaerobic digestion—will be a critical opportunity for New York City.
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Cuomo Releases New York State Energy Plan

Submitted by Susan Torres on Fri, 2015-06-26 15:03.
New energy plan will need clean energy sources.New energy plan will need clean energy sources.The science is crystal clear: in order to head off the worst effects of climate change, the U.S. needs to cut carbon emissions 80 percent by 2050. Several trail-blazing states have taken up the lead to meet that target in recent years, including New York.
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Suffolk County Signs Toxic Free Toys Act Into Law

Toxic Free Toys Act bill signing.Toxic Free Toys Act bill signing.Yesterday, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone signed the Toxic Free Toys Act into law on Long Island. This means that dangerous chemicals like arsenic, mercury, and cadmium will no longer be allowed in children's toys and products for sale in Suffolk.

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