New York State faces a wide range of sustainability challenges that differ from region to region. In urban areas like Buffalo and New York City, mass transit and green buildings are key to reducing energy use and fighting climate change. In suburban areas, smart growth is vital to controlling sprawl while in rural districts, farmland preservation and open space protection are top sustainability priorities.

Our Policy priorities lay out specific legislative and budgetary remedies tailored to specific geographic areas and levels of government. They serve as practical blueprints to help guide elected officials, policymakers, political candidates, voters and the general public toward a more sustainable future.

Climate Change
Here in New York, we are fighting climate change by holding the state accountable for implementing the necessary actions required to meet its ambitious goals. The most significant of these goals is a pledge to reduce emissions 80% by 2050.
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We are in a continual push for investments to our aging water infrastructure, with an emphasis on management, incorporating a great deal of green infrastructure, support programs and incentives for clean water - both for daily living and recreational uses. We are actively advocating for both the protection of our waterways and their cleanliness.
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Parks and Open Spaces
We are taking a great deal of action on protecting, preserving, and restoring the state’s parkland, and best utilizing open space. In doing so we can address health issues found in the rise of obesity, and those caused by contaminated lands. Protecting these lands will result in higher biodiversity, increased resilience, and reduced impact on the environment.
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Public Health
Every single community must have clean air to breathe, well-maintained parks for recreation, access to fresh foods from local farms, and protection from toxic chemicals. We are fighting to make this a reality.
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In New York, over 30% of our emissions come from the transportation sector. We are working to support new methods to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from public to private transportation methods.
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Food and Farms
In regard to public health issues, the food crisis is on the rise. We believe that healthy, fresh food - from local farms - is at the base of a healthy lifestyle. We are continuing to advocate for farm-fresh foods to be provided, especially in “food deserts”, and the promotion of buying local for schools, agencies, and other related groups.
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