Our top priorities for Long Island include:

Sustainable Development: Municipalities can combat climate change by creating livable, sustainable communities. We will advance modernized zoning to encourage mixed land use, compact development, downtown revitalization, open space protection, and historic preservation.

Renewables: Renewable energy like offshore wind and solar power reduces greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution across the region, but it is challenging to site large-scale renewable energy installations and can be needlessly difficult to install small-scale renewable technology. We will work with municipal and county governments to reduce red tape and create new incentives for small-scale renewable energy. 

Clean Air: We will work to speed up conversions from home heating oil to cleaner, more efficient heating systems. We will continue working to reduce emissions from power plants and automobiles, including a push for more electric school buses and targeted interventions to protect environmental justice communities. 

Electric Vehicles: EVs reduce greenhouse gas emissions and produce zero emissions, improving air quality. We will continue our successful advocacy efforts to increase the number of EVs in municipal fleets and expand the EV charging station network throughout Long Island. 

Click here to read our 2023-2024 Long Island Policy Agenda.