Town of Bethelhem: Vote Yes on Prop 2

On November 8, voters across New York State will have the opportunity to vote not only for their preferred candidates, but also on the $4.2 billion Clean Water, Clean Air and Green Jobs Bond Act, commonly referred to as the “Environmental Bond Act”. This major voter proposition will appear as “Proposition 1” on the back side of ballots for all New Yorkers, and if passed, it will make significant investments in the environment across the board, including $650 million for Open Space Land Conservation and Recreation. 

While Proposition 1 will be on every ballot around the state, it is important to learn about other local ballot measures in your community. One such measure is Proposition 2 in the Town of Bethlehem. 

The Town of Bethlehem’s Proposition 2, if passed, would authorize the town to move forward with a $2,200,000 land purchase through their Farms & Forest Fund and additional funding of 9 parcels of land consisting of 307 acres. The purpose of this purchase is for the preservation of historic local farm land in this ever-sprawling suburban community. By preserving this land, the town will protect farmland for generations to come as well as reserve 11.5 acres to expand a park, creating open space for the entire community to enjoy.

We applaud this effort, and we support its passage on November 8! 


Julie Tighe