Statement from NYLCV on NYC Council Budget Response

Statement from New York League of Conservation Voters President Julie Tighe:

The New York League of Conservation Voters is thrilled to see the New York City Council prioritize the environment and public health in the budget this year. We applaud the the Council for calling on the Administration to provide funding for numerous policies and programs that we have advocated for, including $3.1 billion to expand the Streets Plan, including the 25×25 commitment to repurpose 25 percent of the streetscape by 2025, require at least 500 new lane miles of protected bike lanes and 40 lane miles of car-free busways, and 38 million square feet of open pedestrian space so that every New Yorker lives within a quarter mile of a protected bike lane. In addition, the Council called for funding to support Parks’ maintenance and workforce, progress toward the 1 percent for Parks that the PlayFair coalition is calling for; baselining funding for the curbside composting pilot; and staff to support full implementation of Local Law 97. There is still work to do this year to make New York City safer, greener, and more equitable. The Council’s actions and priorities highlight their focus on this critical work. Special thanks is due to Speaker Adams and Councilmembers Brannan, Krishnan, Brooks-Powers, and Nurse for their outstanding leadership on our priority issues.