NYLCV Statement on NYC Budget

The New York League of Conservation Voters released the following statement regarding the New York City Fiscal Year 20201 Budget:

Julie Tighe, President of the New York League of Conservation Voters, said, “NYLCV understands the devastating public health and economic impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on New York. However, the environment and parks are not luxuries. Clean air, clean water and open space are essential for all New Yorkers, as the public health crisis has highlighted. The climate crisis will outlast this COVID crisis. While the State made the choice to invest in the environment and a clean energy economy even in this crisis, the City chose to cut the environment. We are disappointed that environmental initiatives including investments in waste reduction, clean transportation, and greenspaces were drastically cut. Suspending organic waste collection will set back the City’s Zero Waste goals and contribute to methane emissions. While we are pleased that the budget preserves funding for 150 park worker and gardener positions that we helped secure as part of the Play Fair campaign last year, we are troubled that drastic cuts were made to other park worker positions. Parks and other greenspaces help mitigate climate change and New Yorkers rely on them now more than ever. Reducing investments in the Fair Fares program and bus lane infrastructure will make public transportation less accessible for New Yorkers, which could increase emissions from the sector that contributes most to climate change. Even if it saves some money in the short run, increasing our carbon footprint will have long-term fiscal and environmental consequences. These important programs will remain priorities for NYLCV this year as we continue working on our Policy Agenda and Council Scorecard.”