NYLCV President Julie Tighe Reacts to MTA’s Approval of Congestion Pricing

With the MTA’s final vote to approve congestion pricing in New York City, we are one step closer to becoming the first city in the nation to implement this climate friendly policy. Congestion pricing will at once reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are warming our planet while curtailing the filthy air pollution that is choking our lungs and fueling an asthma epidemic that is especially prevalent in low-income communities and communities of color. Not least, congestion pricing will provide critical funding to upgrade our mass transit system, allowing for more commuters across the region to ditch their gas-guzzling cars in favor of trains, subways and buses. We applaud Governor Hochul and the MTA for standing firm on this policy while also conducting a thorough review process to ensure it will be implemented effectively and with the greatest benefit to the most people. Simply put, we cannot drive our way out of the climate crisis; it’s time to move forward with congestion pricing now.