The League’s final round of endorsements includes candidates from both major parties and could impact multiple elections.

The New York League of Conservation Voters Gives Green has announced its final round of endorsements in the 2022 general election cycle, throwing their support behind 22 candidates for elections across New York. A record number of candidates have sought the League’s endorsement this year, and this cycle the NYLCV has endorsed 147 candidates, the most in its 33 year history.

With early voting beginning in less than three weeks and the environment among voters’ top concerns, the League’s endorsement could be a deciding factor in multiple races, including the NY-3 congressional race, in which the League endorsed Robert Zimmerman; the District 39 State Senate election, in which the League endorsed Julie Shiroishi; and State Assembly races in District 63 and District 105, in which the League endorsed Vincent Argenziano and A.J. Beephan, respectively.

“As we enter the final month of the election, we are proud to endorse these 22 candidates who have proven their commitment to the environment and pledged to fight for legislation that would protect our water, air, and open spaces, and transition New York and the country to a clean energy economy. We’re looking forward to seeing all of our candidates through to the finish line so we can work together to pass smart environmental policy in the next legislative session,” said Julie Tighe, President of the New York League of Conservation Voters.

Every election year, NYLCV develops candidate questionnaires based on the League’s policy priorities. The NYLCV Board voted to approve the endorsements on the recommendations of NYLCV Chapters across the State, which make decisions based on interviews with the candidates, scorecard ratings, and questionnaire responses. The NYLCV is proud to endorse the following candidates:

U.S. Congress

*Robert Zimmerman, NY-3
Matt Castelli, NY-21
*Dan Goldman, NY-10
*Max Rose, NY-11

*Candidates also endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters (national).

State Senate

Ken Moore, District 9
James Sanders, District 10
Jabari Brisport, District 25
Julie Shiroishi, District 39
Andrea Smyth, District 43
Lea Webb, District 52

State Assembly

Amanda Field, District 15
Vincent Argenziano, District 63
Gary Pretlow, District 89
Nader Sayegh, District 90
Chris Eachus, District 99
Aileen Gunther, District 100
A.J. Beephan, District 105
Andrew McAdoo, District 112
Scott Gray, District 116
Bruce MacBain, District 126
William Conrad, District 140
Monica Wallace, District 143

For a complete list of all NYLCV endorsed candidates for the 2022 General Election, click here.