New York League of Conservation Voters Announces 2023 New York City Policy Agenda

Top priorities will help the city attain its twin goals of zero waste to landfills by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050.

New York, NY – The New York League of Conservation Voters and NYLCV Education Fund (NYLCV/EF) released their 2023 New York City Policy Agenda today.
NYLCV/EF’s top priorities cut across all aspects of city life, from implementing a comprehensive and equitable city-wide waste reduction plan, to investing one percent of the budget in parks and green spaces, to passing a City zoning amendment to make it easier to install EV charging stations, solar panels and battery energy storage systems. NYLCV/EF stresses that environmental justice and equity must be centered in all of these areas.

“To achieve our ambitious climate goals, New York City needs to get stuff done when it comes to fighting climate change and protecting our  environment – and our policy agenda calls for actions that will improve public health and reduce harms, especially in disadvantaged communities,” said NYLCV/EF President Julie Tighe. “When it comes to investing in green jobs, parks and open spaces, resilient infrastructure, decarbonizing the transportation sector, and reducing overall emissions, NYLCV will fight to ensure that environmental justice is integrated into every aspect of climate policy.”

NYLCV’s priorities for the city are broad and comprehensive – for a reason. New Yorkers are feeling the impact of climate change every day, with an historically warm winter upon us, and there is a tremendous amount of work to do.

The full agenda is available here.

Here are our top priorities:

Investing in Parks, Natural Areas, and Resilient Infrastructures: The City must recognize parks and open spaces as the critical infrastructure they are, providing numerous environmental and public health benefits such as combating extreme heat, absorbing stormwater, and providing clean air and habitats for native wildlife. Beyond investing in our existing parks, New York City must continue making its waterfronts more resilient and expanding green infrastructure to fight climate change, especially in the outer boroughs.

Achieving Zero Waste: We must continue to work towards implementing an achievable, comprehensive, and equitable waste reduction and management plan. This will not only move New York City towards a sustainable future, but also reduce garbage collection costs, increase street hygiene and attractiveness, and benefit the health of our planet and community.

Zoning for Carbon Neutrality: We have an opportunity to modernize New York City’s zoning regulations to support the City and State’s climate goals by approving the NYC Department of City Planning’s proposed City of Yes Carbon Neutrality zoning text amendment. This proposed zoning change will update the City’s Zoning Resolution to ensure New York City and State’s climate goals are met by removing zoning restrictions on clean energy solutions like EV charging stations and solar panels.

Reimagining Our Transportation System: Transportation is one of the leading sources of emissions in New York State and is also a major source of air pollution, causing respiratory and other public health issues. The City must take a comprehensive approach to reimagining our street space by fully committing to the NYC Streets Plan and 25×25. Moving New Yorkers out of single-occupancy vehicles via improved and efficient public transit and expanding micro-mobility programs in transit deserts are more important than ever. 

Centering Equity as We Fight Climate Change: Climate change exacerbates existing inequities in these already overburdened communities as extreme heat waves, flooding, and other destructive weather events increase. NYLCV will ensure that environmental justice continues to be integrated into our climate policy priorities and our environmental advocacy work.

We look forward to working with Mayor Eric Adams, the City Council, City agencies, and fellow advocates to ensure that our goals are met and that all New Yorker’s have an environmentally viable and healthy future in the city.   



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