New York League of Conservation Voters Calls for Senate to Take Action on Build Back Better Bill

New York League of Conservation Voters President Julie Tighe issued the following statement in response to the U.S. House of Representatives’ passage of President Biden’s Build Back Better Act: 

The House of Representatives took a major step to a clean energy future by passing the transformative Build Back Better Act, which is critical to address our climate crisis and invest more than a half trillion dollars to reduce emissions, make our communities more resilient, and expand renewable energy. 

This legislation will take significant action to remove lead water pipes, fund clean school bus fleets, provide incentives to buy electric vehicles (EV) and expand the network of EV charging stations, and create good-paying, green energy jobs through the new Civilian Conservation Corps all while cutting pollution and investing in disadvantaged communities. 

The New York League of Conservation Voters thanks every member of our congressional delegation who voted yes for this transformative bill, and urges the Senate to take quick action to meet the moment and send the final bill to the President’s desk so New York and our nation can realize the benefits of a clean energy economy.