New York League of Conservation Voters Endorses Thomas O’Mara for New York State Senate in District 58

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, September 12th

CONTACT: Jordan Levine (NYLCV) / 917-392-8965

NEW YORK — The New York League of Conservation Voters, which works to make environmental sustainability a top political and policy priority in New York State, has announced its endorsement of Thomas O’Mara for New York State Senate in District 58.

Recognizing the importance of environmental protection in a state like New York, Senator Thomas O’Mara has embraced his role as Chair of the Senate Committee on Environmental Conservation to champion a wide range of initiatives to conserve our natural areas, remove toxic chemicals from the environment, and protect clean water.

Senator O’Mara was the primary sponsor of the Safe School Water Act, the first comprehensive legislation in the county to require school districts to test school water for lead contamination. He was a key player in the coalition that worked on developing the bill and shepherding it toward its eventual passage at the end of last session. The bill was signed into law by Governor Cuomo last week, just in time for the start of the school year. Senator O’Mara also helped to establish the New York State Water Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2016, as well as the extension of the Clean Water State Revolving Fund.

Following years of hard work and effort by so many conservation advocates and others, Senator O’Mara helped to achieve a fully-funded, $300-million Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) to support critical environmental initiatives including clean air and water projects, flood control and restoration, and open space preservation.  He has also been a strong advocate for protecting our farmland from development so our local farmers can continue to supply fresh food. Also part of this year’s historic environmental budget was a $200 million increase for the Water Infrastructure Improvement Act, which helps localities with municipal sewer and water line improvements.

Additionally, Senator O’Mara has been a leader on protecting New Yorkers and our environment from toxics. He sponsored legislation regarding the recycling of lead-acid batteries and the use of microbeads in personal care products. He also worked hard to pass his bill to create a statewide recycling program for paint. The industry-supported Paint Stewardship Program will lead to a reduced burden on localities, create a convenient recycling opportunities, reduce improper disposal, and result in less waste.

In response, Senator O’Mara said: “I’m deeply grateful to have this endorsement from the New York League of Conservation Voters and I truly appreciate their confidence in my commitment to working on a bipartisan basis to achieve critical legislative actions.  That includes this year’s landmark achievements to fully fund the Environmental Protection Fund and the new law just signed to require schools statewide to test their drinking water systems for lead contamination.  We joined together to build a broad coalition of public health, environmental and healthy schools advocates to successfully secure this critical foundation to protect children and point the way to future actions.  I look forward to continue working together with the NYLCV on the goals we share for the future of conservation and public health throughout New York State.”

“Senator O’Mara understands that we have a great responsibility to environmental stewardship and conservation so it is no surprise that he has a long record of fighting for farmland preservation and protection, wildlife conservation, air and water quality, invasive species, and expanding clean energy,” said Marcia Bystryn, President of the New York League of Conservation Voters. “But just saying the right things on these issues and actually getting results are two different things. Senator O’Mara understands how to build the coalitions and broad support necessary to make laws and fund programs that address the pressing environmental challenges we face as a state. We are confident he will continue to be an effective partner if re-elected and encourage the voters of the 58th Senate District to send Senator O’Mara back to Albany next year.”


Paid for by the New York League of Conservation Voters, and authorized by Thomas O’Mara for State Senate.