95% of NYLCV-Endorsed Candidates with Primary Challengers Advance to General Election

Of the 114 candidates the League endorsed, 24 faced competitive primaries with 23 of them coming out victorious.

The record-breaking success demonstrates the growing electoral power of the conservation movement in the age of climate change.

The New York League of Conservation Voters Gives Green is proud to announce that more than 95% of their endorsed candidates who faced a primary challenge will go on to the general election in November. The League has thus far endorsed 114 candidates, including Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, 13 candidates for U.S. Congress, 29 for State Senate, and 71 for State Assembly. 

Twenty-four of NYLCV’s candidates faced primary opponents; 23 of them won last night’s election, including John Mannion and Dan Goldman for Congress, Siela Bynoe  for State Senate, and Didi Barrett, Michael Benedetto, Larinda Hooks, Micah Lasher, Demond Meeks, Mary Jane Shimsky, Emily Gallagher, Jordan Wright, and Stephani Zinerman for State Assembly, where the League’s endorsement was especially critical. 


“As we face more and more extreme weather events and prepare for another summer of record-breaking heat, the environment and climate change are clearly growing as electoral issues,” said NYLCV President Julie Tighe. “The number one thing people can do to act on the climate crisis is to vote, and that is why the overwhelming success of our candidates is so important and I believe a harbinger of things to come. Now we look forward to taking the fight into the general election to ensure we elect strong advocates for clean energy, green jobs, and a healthier future.”


The League is endorsing more candidates and more candidates are seeking the League’s endorsement than ever before – and for good reason. Last year, an overwhelming majority – nearly 90% – of the candidates NYLCV endorsed won in the general election, showing once again that New York State is trending in the right direction in its fight to protect the environment and address the climate crisis. 

The twenty-three NYLCV-endorsed candidates who won their primary election:

U.S. Congress

Dan Goldman NY-10

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez NY-14

John Mannion NY-11

State Senate

Siela Bynoe SD-6

Kristen Gonzalez SD-59

State Assembly

Judy Griffin AD-21

Jessica González-Rojas AD-34

Larinda Hooks AD-35

Ron Kim AD-40

Emily Gallagher AD-50

Jo Anne Simon AD-52

Stefani Zinerman AD-46

Eddie Gibbs AD-68

Micah Lasher AD-69

Jordan Wright AD-70

Al Taylor AD-71

Manny De Los Santos AD-72

Landon Dais AD-77

Michael Benedetto AD-82

MaryJane Shimsky AD- 92

Sarahana Shrestha AD-103

Didi Barrett AD-106

Demond Meeks AD-137

Early voting for the general election will be held from October 26 – November 3, and Election Day is on November 5, 2024. 

The League will announce additional endorsements later this election season. All current endorsements can be found here.