New York League of Conservation Voters Applauds Passage of Zero Waste Package by New York City Council

Today marks a significant milestone in New York City’s journey towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. The New York League of Conservation Voters commends the New York City Council for passing the comprehensive Zero Waste package.

For years, Zero Waste has been a top priority for the League, and we firmly believe that establishing composting and recycling programs is essential in combating climate change and that codifying our shared goal of a zero waste city by 2030 is critical to ensuring these efforts succeed.

By mandating residential curbside composting–an NYLCV Scorecard Bill–we can expand upon and solidify the progress that has been made under the program Mayor Adams and Commissioner Tisch announced earlier this year, taking a critical step towards reducing emissions, improving our quality of life, and rectifying environmental injustices.

Add to that provisions for Zero Waste reporting, community recycling centers, and organic waste drop-off sites in each community district, and you have a legislative package that empowers each community and every resident to fully participate in waste reduction efforts and contribute to building a more sustainable New York City.

We thank Councilmembers Sandy Nurse and Shahana Hanif for their tireless efforts in advancing this legislation. We also thank Councilmember Keith Powers for championing this package and Council Speaker Adrienne Adams for bringing it to the floor. We look forward to continuing to work with them and the entire city council to advance strong environmental policies.

06.08.23 // AUTHOR: Devin Callahan //