NYLCV Statement on Governor Phil Murphy’s Lawsuit to Stop Congestion Pricing:

New York’s congestion pricing plan, which was just given the green light by the federal government, will at once protect public health, tackle climate pollution, and make much-needed investments in our public transit. Yet Governor Murphy, who claims to be an environmental champion, has gone the desperate route of litigation to stop this critical climate policy that has proven effective in every major city where it has been implemented. And it is particularly rich that the lawsuit comes on the heels of the New Jersey Transit voting to stick their head in the sand on a looming financial crisis that threatens the viability of the public transit system. When it comes to fighting climate change, investing in mass transit, and improving the daily commute for hundreds of thousands of people – many of them NJ residents – the contrast on the two sides of the Hudson could not be more stark: Governor Murphy is going to court while New York City goes to work.

07.21.23 // AUTHOR: Devin Callahan //