NYLCV Releases Inaugural State Scorecard

Our Scorecard examined voting and sponsorship records on 16 key environmental bills in each house of the legislature, covering clean energy, public health, transportation, and more.

At a time when federal leadership on environmental issues is in retreat, it is more important than ever for New York State to step up.  Since 1989, the New York League of Conservation Voters has been known for its work “electing for the environment,” lending our seal of approval through our endorsement process. We have also increasingly sought to provide objective, factual information about important environmental legislation and funding  priorities. In order to improve continuity between these two aspects of our mission, NYLCV has decided to issue our inaugural State Legislative Environmental Scorecard this year.


Every two years, we endorse candidates for the State Legislature after assessing their record on the environment and commitment to our priorities. However, we have found that our endorsement process alone is not adequate for holding legislators accountable during their terms in office or for producing an objective, public record of support for the environment. Since 2003, we have issued an Environmental Scorecard for the New York City Council that has been effective in elevating the visibility of our priorities, holding council members accountable for their votes on the environment, and encouraging members to support pro-environment legislation. This year, we are bringing that same effective model to the State Legislature.


Find out how your state officials did and then contact them to say “thanks” or “no thanks!”


Not sure who your elected officials are? You can look up your assemblymember here and your senator here.

For a pdf version of this Scorecard, click here.

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