NYLCV Eyes a Boost for E-Bikes – And E-Bike Safety – In 2024

E-bikes and other micro-mobility rides represent an important component of New York’s low-carbon transportation future. However, the safety hazards being attributed to lithium-ion batteries in e-bikes are a serious concern for riders which threatens the expansion of micro-mobility use. To address these concerns, three bills have been proposed in Albany:

  1. A. 275/S. 314 aims to establish a Ride Clean Rebate Program through NYSERDA, offering a 50% rebate (up to $1,100) for class one, two, and three electric bicycles and scooters. This incentive encourages more New Yorkers to adopt e-bikes, reducing congestion and emissions. 
  2. S. 643-C/A. 7339-A focuses on ensuring proper recycling of lithium-ion batteries to enhance battery safety and protect the environment. By amending existing battery recycling laws, it targets specific types of lithium-ion batteries, particularly addressing issues prevalent in New York City where many refurbished batteries fail to meet safety standards. 
  3. Part GG of Governor Hochul’s 2025 Executive Budget proposes banning e-bike batteries that fail to meet minimum safety standards. This measure aims to enhance e-bike safety, further promoting their use as an alternative transportation mode and reducing battery-related fires by ensuring proper distribution and maintenance.

NYLCV supports this legislation, which, collectively, will target the root cause of fire safety hazards—unsafe and poorly maintained lithium-ion batteries while helping to mitigate these risks and encouraging greater adoption of eco-friendly transportation alternatives.

03.18.24 // AUTHOR: admin //