Make a Holiday Season Contribution Today!

During this holiday season of giving, show your support to causes that you care about by donating to the New York League of Conservation Voters community.

Together we are fighting climate change, conserving land and water, and protecting public health. We can’t do it without you. To advocate for these important priorities, we need your support.

Will you help us reach even more New Yorkers next year? We hope you will make a holiday-season donation today.

We’re hopeful that the results of this year’s Midterm Elections, in which voters elected new leaders to power in Washington and Albany, will help advance important environmental legislation and policies. Our members must be vigilant and hold these elected officials accountable for their commitments to clean energy and environmental health.

We hope we can count on your support during this holiday season of giving. Your contribution will go a long way towards helping us continue this legacy.

Help us ensure New York remains in the vanguard of solving the climate crisis, and protecting natural resources and public health.

12.07.18 // AUTHOR: Shachar Sharon // State Wide