Election Day is Tuesday: Vote Green!

It’s time to express our power at the ballot box. Election Day is Tuesday, November 7. Important decisions about the future of our environment will be determined by this year’s election. 

As you head to the polls, keep the environment in mind and vote green by pulling the lever for the League’s endorsed candidates

For information about your voting rights, where to vote, and more, visit our sister organization NYLCVEF’s voting homepage

While there are no federal seats up for election, there are many important local races on the ballot this year, including for County Executives, Town Supervisors, Mayors, County Legislators, and the entire New York City Council. Also on the ballot are two state constitutional amendments

The climate crisis is accelerating and the impacts of a warming planet are becoming more apparent each day. So much of our environmental policy – the things that impact us each and every day – are decided at the local level. So whether it’s clean water on Long Island or Lead Service Lines in Troy, the stakes in this election could not be any higher. You can see exactly what and who are on the ballot where you live here.

It’s important that you have a voting plan in place for Election Day. Know where your polling location is and block off time in your schedule. We recommend going early in the morning to avoid lines and last-minute snags or changes in your schedule that could hinder your ability to exercise your vote and make your voice heard. 

Team NYLCV will be out in the field from morning till night on Election Day. From making phone calls to knocking on doors to canvassing high traffic areas, we will be doing everything we can to turn out the vote for environmental candidates.   

In turn, we ask that you do your part. Check in with at least three friends to make sure they, too, have a plan to vote. If you have a car, offer rides to people who would otherwise have difficulty getting to the polls. If you’re in a walking neighborhood, offer to escort your neighbors with mobility issues. The more people who vote green, the better chance we have of electing environmental champions to office. 

NYLCV Gives Green endorsed 131 candidates across the state this year,  the most in an off-year election in its 34-year history and an indication that the environment continues to grow in importance for voters. Of the 48 candidates from the first round of endorsements, 95% of them won their primary election, and the League looks forward to carrying this momentum into the general election and beyond. 

Remember, before you head to the polls, review the League’s endorsed candidates that are up for election in your region.

If you’d like to support our work ensuring environmental champions are elected, consider making a donation to NYLCV Gives Green.