NYLCV Releases 2018 State Environmental Scorecard

Our scorecard examined records of voting and sponsorships in each house of legislature on 13 key environmental bills addressing issues of clean energy, public health, transportation, and more.

Since 1989, NYLCV has worked to lobby state and local elected officials on environmental issues, provide objective information about environmental policy to the public, and hold elected officials accountable. In order to carry out this mission, we began issuing a State Legislative Environmental Scorecard last year and we are proud to be issuing it in an election year for the first time.

New York’s environment and public health are under assault from a hostile federal government and badly need our legislators to fight for robust protections. Unfortunately, legislative leaders put partisan brinkmanship ahead of protecting their constituents this session and killed multiple bills that would have easily passed had they been given a floor vote. This scorecard is a reflection of who prioritized our environment and who put personal quarrels first.

Find out how your state officials did and then contact them to say “thanks” or “no thanks!” Not sure who your elected officials are? You can look up your assemblymember here and your senator here.

View a PDF version of the 2018 scorecard here.

08.02.18 // AUTHOR: Shachar Sharon // Politics