2018-2019 Capital Region Policy Agenda

Every two years, the New York League of Conservation Voters Capital Region Chapter works closely with local advocates to develop a policy agenda. This Blueprint for a Greener Capital Region provides specific actions government officials can take to fight climate change, conserve our lands and waters, and protect public health.

Regional Transit: Denser, more walkable downtowns, increased ridership on public transportation, and use of ride-sharing services and the advent of self-driving cars present the Capital Region with a unique opportunity to rethink regional transit. We will advocate for expanded bus rapid transit and electric buses; better transportation networks between the central business districts in Troy, Albany, Schenectady, and Saratoga Springs; and a comprehensive rethink of how streets are used, including replacing Interstate 787 with a surface-level boulevard to restore pedestrian access to the water in Albany.

Renewable Energy: Renewable energy can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution across the region, but it is challenging to site large-scale renewable energy installations and can be needlessly difficult to install small-scale renewable technology. We will work with municipal and county governments to establish guidelines for siting utility-scale renewable energy, reducing red tape, and creating new incentives for small-scale renewable energy.

Clean and Safe Water: We will work to ensure counties and local governments in the Capital Region comply with new testing requirements for emerging contaminants in drinking water, invest in wastewater and drinking water infrastructure, obtain their fair share of state funding for these projects, and continue to address combined sewer overflows (CSOs), including through investment in green infrastructure.