We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to pass the most important climate legislation in American history, making critical investments in clean energy, clean transportation, and green infrastructure. 

We need a bold federal climate agenda that is in line with policies that can make a real difference in New York’s climate. 

We need to invest in zero-emission transit buses and school buses. Transportation is the leading contributor to climate change in the state so clean buses would improve air quality, especially in environmental justice communities that are home to many bus depots, and make mass transit more efficient.

We need to protect our drinking water. All New Yorkers deserve access to clean water that is free of toxins like lead and emerging contaminants like PFAS

We need to invest in our greenspaces. Our natural areas improve community health and climate resilience by reducing flooding, absorbing air pollution, and filtering stormwater to keep rivers and lakes cleaner. Investing in these spaces would meaningfully reduce longstanding park inequities and support green jobs.

We also need to make our buildings more energy-efficient. Buildings are the leading contributor to climate change in the city. Reducing emissions from buildings would not only reduce climate pollution but would also create green jobs. 

NYLCV is joining with our partners across the Conservation Voter Movement to send a message to Congress that we need them to pass legislation that will invest in climate, clean energy, environmental justice, and jobs at the scale science and our communities demand. 

This is a key moment in Congressional deliberations. The U.S. Senate passed a budget resolution that clears the way for an investment at the scale needed to avert the climate crisis. This is only the first step in the process and there is more work to be done.

We’re calling on environmental activists across New York to reach out to their elected officials to demand that there can be no deal on infrastructure if it doesn’t include climate investments.

Take action by telling Congress we must invest in clean energy and create millions of good quality, high-paying jobs that modernize our energy, transportation, and water infrastructure and invest in people and communities who too often have been left behind. >>>