Clean Buildings

Action and legislation to achieve a clean-energy buildings sector in New York State is a top priority for the New York League of Conservation Voters, and our reason is simple: buildings are the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions and co-pollutants in the state.

For individuals and households, one of our main priorities is the NY HEAT Act. 

The NY HEAT Act, or the Home Energy Affordable Transition Act, will push gas utilities carefully in a new direction, enabling them to comply with New York’s Climate Act while helping their customers switch to affordable zero-emissions heating and cooling. The bill will ensure energy affordability by capping energy bills for low-income customers, avoiding billions of dollars in new gas infrastructure investments, and investing in energy saving home improvements.
New York’s gas pipeline system is an increasingly outdated, non-renewable heating source, linked to air pollution and safety hazards. 
Millions of New Yorkers are feeling the pain of higher utility costs as companies force them to pay for outdated infrastructure in need of constant maintenance. NY Heat would save customers over $200 million annually by ending subsidies to build new pipelines and cap energy bills at 6% of income for low-income households.

Significantly, the NY HEAT Act would end the ‘100 foot rule,’ which subsidizes new gas pipeline hookups and incentivizes existing buildings to use gas instead of clean energy sources, like high-efficiency heat pumps. This rule stands in the way of progress towards clean energy. It’s time to pass the NY HEAT Act.