Thomas McKevitt
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  • DISTRICT: 13
  • REGION: Long Island
  • GOVERNMENT BODY: Nassau County Legislature
  • YEAR: 2021

Thomas McKevitt

Thomas McKevitt is running for re-election for Nassau County District 13

While serving for 12 years in the New York State Assembly and four years in the Nassau County Legislature, McKevitt has proven his commitment to protecting the environment. As Chairman of the committee overseeing NICE buses, he made it a priority to continue service during the pandemic, as well as securing capital funding for pedestrian and bike paths throughout the district. McKevitt has also supported the Bay Parks Conveyance Projects to improve water quality as well as voting to ban single-use plastic foam containers. If re-elected, McKevitt will continue to advance remediation efforts for the Grumman Plume while supporting sustainable development throughout District 13.

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