Ruth Walter
  • DISTRICT: 15
  • REGION: Westchester
  • GOVERNMENT BODY: Westchester County Legislature
  • YEAR: 2023

Ruth Walter

Ruth Walter is running for Legislator in Westchester County's 15th District.

Ruth Walter is running for Legislator in Westchester County’s 15th District. During her tenure as Westchester County Legislator from 2020-2022, Walter served as the Environment & Health Committee Chair, where she directed funds toward riverbank restoration in West Yonkers and pollinator pathway gardens. As a member of the Board of Legislators, Walter added funding to the capital budget to install bottle-refill stations in County parks and buildings. Walter supports the Mobility study by the County to determine last-mile connectivity between existing routes and people’s homes. Additionally, she allocated $15 million for the County capital budget for a matching 50-50 grant fund that will encourage municipalities to implement Complete Streets. If elected, Walter will continue advocating for strong environmental policies.

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