Patrick Madden
  • DISTRICT: Troy
  • REGION: Capital Region
  • YEAR: 2019
  • CONTACT: Campaign Website

Patrick Madden

Patrick Madden is running for Mayor of Troy

The NYLCV is proud to endorse Patrick Madden for Mayor of Troy. Since taking office in 2015, Mayor Madden has been involved in several key environmental initiatives. His administration has added several miles of new bike and walking trails, and is a founder partner of the cities bike share program. Recently Troy has completed construction on its first solar array, and it now provides 20% of the cities’ electricity, and is currently working on its next solar project. Madden has also been advancing a number of initiatives to protect the Hudson River, revitalize downtown, manage the cities solid waste problems, and implementing clean energy technology. If re-elected Mayor Madden pledges to continue ongoing environmental efforts as well as working to make Troy a certified Climate Smart Community.


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