Neil Breslin
  • DISTRICT: 44
  • REGION: Capital Region
  • GOVERNMENT BODY: New York State Senate
  • YEAR: 2018

Neil Breslin

State Senate

Since 1996, Neil Breslin, elected to represent District 44 in the New York State Senate, has been a leading voice for initiatives and laws that advocate for the protection of natural resources and the environment.

The Senator received a perfect 100% on NYLCV’s 2017 State Environmental Scorecard supporting issues such as school food donation (S5664), disposal sites operated by pharmacies (S6750), and lowering the definition of elevated blood lead levels, granting more children access to medical intervention (S6472).

The Senator has demonstrated his dedication to preserving natural resources by sponsoring various pieces of legislation. Among these include the authorization of the city of Albany to dedicate certain lands as parklands, the direction of community preservation funds for the town of Bethlehem, and the requirement of forest management plans for certain lands and the prohibition of clearcutting. Breslin has also spearheaded initiatives that create a county renewable energy authority, establishes transitional green development programs, and improve transportation infrastructure and efficiency.

If re-elected, Breslin will collaborate with environmental groups to fight for the environment’s preservation.

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