Matthew Slater
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  • DISTRICT: Yorktown
  • REGION: Westchester
  • GOVERNMENT BODY: Town Supervisor
  • YEAR: 2021
  • CONTACT: Campaign Website

Matthew Slater

Matthew Slater is running to be re-elected as the Yorktown Town Supervisor

Slater successfully launched Yorktown’s Climate Smart Communities Task Force, a group that has adopted important policies to combat climate change. Slater helped pass the necessary town laws to large solar and battery storage projects, important steps in promoting increased renewable energy in Yorktown. Regarding transportation, Slater helped pass a local Complete Streets ordinance requiring new developments to make walkability and bike transportation a higher concern. Furthermore, the town recently purchased its first electric vehicle, with the hope that the entire town fleet will transition to electric. If re-elected, Slater will continue advocating for the environment and the residents of Yorktown

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