Laura Schaefer
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  • DISTRICT: 14
  • REGION: Long Island
  • GOVERNMENT BODY: Nassau County Legislature
  • YEAR: 2021

Laura Schaefer

Laura Schaefer is seeking her fourth term as Nassau County Legislator serving District 14

As a legislator, Schaefer has advocated for cleaner water and improved sustainable development in her district. She voted to restore $4.5 million in funding to the NICE bus system, as well as supporting the Bay Parks Conveyance Project to facilitate better water quality. Schaefer voted in favor of contracts and funding that would create pedestrian and bicycle pathways in various areas of Nassau County, such as along the perimeter of Eisenhower Park. If re-elected, Schaefer will continue to push for increased electric vehicle infrastructure throughout Nassau County, as well as electrifying the county’s vehicle fleet.

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