Kitley Covill
  • REGION: Westchester
  • GOVERNMENT BODY: Board of Legislators
  • YEAR: 2019
  • CONTACT: Campaign Website

Kitley Covill

Kitley Covill is running for Westchester County Board of Legislators, District 2

The NYLCV is proud to endorse Kitley Covill for Westchester County Board of Legislators in the second district. In her first term Covill has been active on many environmental initiatives. As Vice Chair of the Environment, Health and Energy Committee and a member of the Public Works Committee, Covill has been involved in several environmental projects. She has pushed for more commuter buses to connect to the train station, promoted purchasing of hybrid buses in the county fleet. She has also advocated for the East of Hudson project to continue to improve wastewater and stormwater management, helped to secure open space and has worked to convert residential properties from cesspool to better methods of disposal. If re-elected Covil will continue to promote sustainable practices and work toward making her district and Westchester County a healthier place to live. 


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