Judi Bosworth
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  • DISTRICT: North Hempstead
  • REGION: Long Island
  • GOVERNMENT BODY: Supervisor
  • YEAR: 2019
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Judi Bosworth

The NYLCV is proud to endorse Judi Bosworth for Town of North Hempstead Supervisor

As Supervisor, Bosworth has helped to install a storm runoff watering system at Harbor Links Golf Course which will save 35 million gallons of water a year. At the same time, she has launched numerous beach clean up and fishing line receptacle initiatives and introduced the first floating trash skimmer on the Long Island Sound. Bosworth has also worked with the Bobwhite Quail initiatives to promote pesticide-free prevention of ticks in her town. To preserve open space in her town, Bosworth is leading a major renovation of the North Hempstead Beach Park eliminating 1.5 acres of concrete parking lot and creating more green space and 1.5 miles of additional trails. Moving forward, Supervisor Bosworth has pledged to install new sewer lines to replace outdated and polluting septic systems and to work to make the Town of North Hempstead a certified Climate Smart Community.



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