George Latimer
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  • DISTRICT: Westchester
  • REGION: Westchester
  • GOVERNMENT BODY: County Executive
  • YEAR: 2021
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George Latimer

George Latimer is seeking re-election to serve as Westchester County Executive

As a former State Assemblyman and Senator for 13 years, Latimer sponsored and cosponsored important legislation to protect wetlands and incentivize solar energy. While County Executive, Latimer prioritized the clean-up of hazardous chemicals as well as protecting Long Island Sound and the Hudson River. Regarding transportation, he secured funding to transition the Bee Line Transportation Fleet from dirty diesel to clean electric and hybrid vehicles. Furthermore, he adopted a Complete Streets Program which adds safe bike lanes to county roads. Regarding parks, Latimer helped restore the North County Trailway, rehabilitated the historic Miller House/Washington HQs, and upgraded the parks system such as Scout Field. If re-elected, Latimer will continue making the environment a priority in his administration for the next four years.

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