Eric Dinowitz
  • DISTRICT: 11
  • REGION: New York City
  • GOVERNMENT BODY: New York City Council
  • YEAR: 2023
  • CONTACT: Campaign Website

Eric Dinowitz

Eric Dinowitz is seeking re-election for New York City Council, District 11

Eric Dinowitz is seeking re-election to represent District 11 in the New York City Council. Dinowitz has pushed green transportation initiatives like the pilot of street EV charging stations and the Daylighting of Tibbets Brook, which creates a protected bike lane network connecting the Putnam Trail to the Harlem River Trail. As a former teacher, he champions the safety of future generations through environmental action by funding programs like Teens for Food Justice and sponsoring bills that remediate lead water hazards in schools. If elected, Dinowitz intends to prioritize pro-environmental legislation and work towards a citywide shift towards sustainability and resiliency. 

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