Diane Savino
  • DISTRICT: 23
  • REGION: New York City
  • GOVERNMENT BODY: New York State Senate
  • YEAR: 2018

Diane Savino

State Senate

Diane Savino, elected to the State Senate in 2004, has been a persistent promoter of policies that protect the environment and advocate for the health of her constituents, encouraging the incorporation of clean energy and pushing for the recognition of clean air and water as a New York State Constitutional right.

A number of Savino’s co-sponsored legislation has been dedicated to toxin regulation, including amending the environmental conservation law to monitor toxic chemicals in children’s products and prohibiting the use of pesticides at children’s camps. She additionally sponsored S3414, which relates to protecting public health from the exposure to radon in natural gas, requiring increased observation and transparent reporting. Savino has been a staunch advocate for renewable energy, creating standards for communities and workers to help the state transition to 100% renewable energy and voted to pass the Green Jobs/Green NY bill, which reduces energy costs for homes and businesses while simultaneously spurring job growth. Within her district she hosts “Earth Day Power Contests”, aimed at engaging youth to think critically about addressing the threats of climate change. Her voting record earned her a 94% on the 2017 NYLCV Environmental Scorecard.

Savino’s future priorities include an increased focused on resiliency infrastructure and wetland protection, as well as funding and improving mass transit accessibility and efficiency.

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