• DISTRICT: 105
  • REGION: Capital Region
  • GOVERNMENT BODY: State Assembly
  • YEAR: 2022
  • CONTACT: Campaign Website

Anil “AJ” Beephan

Anil Beephan is running for State Assembly, District 105

Anil Beephan is running to represent New York State Assembly District 105. As a member of the town board, Anil has advocated for and voted in favor of multiple green initiatives. He has supported continued membership in the greenway compact and worked to find new ways to expand green space, preserve lands like the Shenandoah farm, and develop transportation infrastructure. If elected, Anil will support lifting the cap on manufacturer-owned zero-emissions car sales. This would also allow manufacturers to enter the New York market, increasing consumer choice, keeping the sales tax and jobs in the state, and increasing the number of electric vehicles available for sale.

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