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New York City Council Scorecard

Most elected officials say they are for the environment, but who is making sure what they say is what they do?

The New York League of Conservation Voters is holding members of the New York City Council accountable for their legislative records through our 2008-2009 Scorecard.

The Scorecard examines Council members' voting and sponsorship records on a variety of sustainability legislation, from transportation to energy efficiency and climate change.

How we arrived at the scores. NYLCV based our findings on 13 bills that were introduced in the City Council. Five of the bills are ranked as higher priority (with a possible score of 3 points), with the remaining eight bills awarded 1 point. If the bills came to the floor by June 30, 2009, the score reflects the voting results. If the bills did not reach the floor, Council members were awarded points for co-sponsoring legislation as a signal of their support. Click here to see the list of all 13 bills.

Evaluating City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. Because the speaker of the City Council holds tremendous sway over the legislative body's agenda, and because the speaker traditionally does not co-sponsor members' bills, NYLCV offers a separate evaluation of the speaker's environmental track record. While we do not assign a numerical score to Speaker Quinn, we rate her overall leadership on our agenda as exemplary. Click here to read our full analysis.

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Arroyo 39
Avella 78
Baez 32
Barron 17
Brewer 100
Comrie 52
Crowley 22
de Blasio 87
Dickens 61
Dilan 13
Eugene 17
Felder 35
Ferreras 94
Fidler 87
Foster 27
Garodnick 100
Gennaro 83
Gentile 48
Gerson 100
Gioia 100
Gonzalez 78
Ignizio 17
Jackson 95
James 96
Katz 83
Koppell 87
Lappin 87
Liu 91
Mark-Viverito 100
Martinez 87
Mealy 17
Mendez 96
Mitchell 94
Nelson 82
Oddo 17
Palma 61
Recchia Jr. 96
Reyna 52
Rivera 61
Sanders Jr. 57
Seabrook 64
Sears 74
Stewart 57
Ulrich 17
Vacca 96
Vallone Jr. 65
Vann 91
Weprin 74
White 100
Yassky 100

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