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Revised Maps Show Nassau County's Growing Floodplain

Submitted by Ben Van Buren on Thu, 2008-07-10 16:21.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has redrawn Nassau County's flood maps. The floodplain has grown considerably, and it now encompasses Long Beach almost entirely. The new maps suggest that an additional 28,000 commercial, public and residential buildings stand the risk of flooding. These changes will have a big impact on many people, since owners of buildings in a floodplain cannot get a mortgage without first buying flood insurance.

The new flood zone encompasses nearly all of Long Beach.The new flood zone encompasses nearly all of Long Beach. The former maps were drawn up in 1997, based on data that was more than 20 years old at the time. The new maps were plotted using much more precise and accurate measurements. The revisions are intended to encourage the public to prepare for the possibility of flooding and make emergency response more efficient. Now any land that has more than a 1% chance of annual flooding is considered to be at risk.

The increased likelihood of flooding underscores Long Island's challenges of climate change and aging infrastructure. To learn more about what can be done, click here to view our Long Island Policy Agenda.

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