William Magee
  • DISTRICT: 121
  • REGION: Central New York
  • GOVERNMENT BODY: New York State Assembly
  • YEAR: 2016

William Magee

Assemblyman William Magee is running for re-election, District 121

During his almost three decades in New York State government, Assemblyman William Magee has been a powerful voice for conservation and sustainability.

As Chairman of the Assembly Agriculture Committee, Assemblyman William Magee has consistently advocated for sustainable agriculture. Bill A.1110, which he authored, would make energy efficient improvements more affordable for dairy farms through grants and low interests loans. He sponsored bill A.2407 to make it easier for farms to adopt conservation practices and a bill to create the “Grown in New York” program campaign to increase awareness and consumption of locally grown and produced food (A.4657).

Assemblyman Magee has proposed several pieces of legislation to promote creative and eco-friendly ways to manage waste including bill A.1189 to promote the creation of aerobic digesters to provide sustainable management of organic waste, create a source of renewable energy, and provide an economic benefit to the agricultural industry. He also sponsored a bill to allow municipal landfills and water treatment facilities the option of offsetting their energy costs by producing their own energy and feeding it back into the grid (A.7576).

If re-elected Assemblyman Magee will continue his legislative efforts to protect natural resources and increase farm environmental sustainability.

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